GSL’s Blog

Hello All,

This is my first blog as GSL for 3rd Brampton and I’d like to take this opportunity to give an update on what’s been happening with the Group.

Leadership Changes

There have been a lot of changes in leadership across all sections of the Group over the last year or so. Firstly Katie and Allissa stepped down from Cubs and David Passell took over as Akela in January. Then when Sharon stood down as GSL, I took over that role and Ryan moved up to fill the Scout Leader role I had vacated.  Finally Gail replaced Sara as Beaver Scout Leader during the summer.

We also have a growing team of Section Assistants, Occasional Helpers and Young Leaders without whose support we would not be able to provide Scouting to the young people in the Group. More help is always welcome – so if you’d like to join in, please talk to me or one of the other leaders.

Group Executive Committee

The Group Executive Committee play a key role in managing the Group and provide essential support the leadership team. Unfortunately, our Executive Committee is understrength and we desperately need some additional members, preferably two parent representatives from each of the three sections. It isn’t a huge time commitment, 3 or 4 committee meetings a year plus helping out at occasional Group events, so if you are able to help, please let me know.

Remembrance Sunday

Once again the Group will be taking part in the Remembrance Sunday service at St Thomas’ church on Sunday November 13th. We would like to see as many Beavers, Cubs and Scouts as possible take part in this. Parents are also welcome to attend. More details to follow.


I would like to thank all leaders, helpers, committee member and parents, past and present, for their help and support and look forward to working with you all to provide an active and exciting programme for our members.


If anyone has any questions or concerns about Scouting in 3rd Brampton, feel free to come and talk to me – I am usually around on Friday evenings or you can contact me through the Group website.

Yours in Scouting

Mike Hooper – GSL 3rd Brampton (St Thomas) Scout Group

Hi All,

Time for a bit of an update seeing as it was the beginning of Feb since I wrote last!

The Winter/Spring term is always the hardest to deliver because very often we are cooped up indoors and by the end of a school week all the kids are going stir crazy and want to let off steam. That said, the programmes devised and delivered by the section leaders all went well.

The end of April saw the annual St George’s Day parade and here is where I need to let off a little steam…

All year, the leaders, young leaders and group supporters give their time freely and willingly to provide each and every Scout a lively programme and to help them develop skills needed to see them through life. We don’t ask for much in return, except the support from yourselves as parents a couple of times a year.

The turnout for this year’s St Georges Day parade was poor to say the least and as you read this I’m sure you will be going through the excuses why your child did not attend. I will not try and sell the event, to some kids it’s as dull as dish water, but that’s not the point. In life, we all have to endure things we don’t want to do, but do so out of a sense of duty or a wanting to not let people down. This is one such event. By allowing your Scouts/Cubs/Beavers to not bother showing, you let us as leaders and our Scout Group down.

I am proud of the children I see growing and developing through Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, I would like to think they themselves have a little pride in us, even if it’s by some coercing from you.

Moving on…

The nights draw out and the programme takes a much more outdoor approach. We get to put the OUT into Scouting!

Cubs have already been caving, a brilliant experience had by all and this weekend are off on the Cub hike.

The Beavers are due to visit Tescos and have also got their own little hike planned.

The Scouts are due to go out this weekend also around Chatsworth and have a 1 night survival camp booked (Bear Grylls watch out) – again, we need your help in supporting these activities because it’s this sort of thing that differentiates us from other youth clubs. This is what Scouting is all about!

All in all, a busy term. As always, if you have a little time to give, no matter how small an amount, then we would never turn you away.

Until next time,

Sharon – GSL

Hello All,

Already we have kissed goodbye to January. I hope your new years resolutions have/are going well. I am trying to get into the habit of writing a bit of a blog now and again to keep you informed on the Group’s news, so here it is:

Yesterday I attended the formal presentation of the Gold Chief Scout awards at the Winding Wheel in Chesterfield. This award is the highest a Scout can achieve and I was proud to watch five 3rd Brampton Scouts walk on stage to accept their certificates. The ceremony was County wide and Scouts attended from as far afield as Buxton and Derby.

Back to base, the Section leaders will soon be planning their Spring programmes and as the nights start to draw out, we look forward to getting out and about more with the kids.

This year, I am eager to get the Cubs and Scouts out on their bikes. As a keen cyclist, it’s something I feel quite passionate about. I am working with Paul, one of the Cub parents, to put together 2 or 3 sessions per section which will incorporate cycling safety and cumulate with a short on-road bike ride, on quiet, clear, open roads.

We are still in very early stages of planning the activity, the training content and full risk assessments still to be completed, but hopefully we will be ready to run it around June time, when we have the long light nights.

I would love to hear from any parents though, who are experienced cyclists that would be willing to help deliver this activity, either helping to check the bicycles over, helping to deliver the training and especially to help chaperone the kids when we go out on the road. Either come and have a chat one Friday evening or drop me an email.

Tim, our new Beaver leader is settling in well (I hope, he hasn’t told me otherwise)! We also have another parent, Sarah, who has asked to be involved in helping to lead the Beaver section so I’m pleased to say from last year, when we were on the verge of suspending the section due to low adult resource, we now have 2, potentially 3 good leaders.

The Cub section continues to thrive, with Katie, Alissa, Baloo and Will holding the reins and the Scout section ably run by Mike, Ryan, Kev and Anthony.

You may read this and think that there are plenty of people running things when in fact the reality is quite different. We are always needing extra help, for example I need:

  • White Van Man (or woman) with a white van, or any other colour for that matter, to take the Cubs/Scouts on camp. We have to transport quite a large amount of kit, too much to fit in the back of a willing parents’ car. The cost of hiring a van adds too much onto camp costs for most parents to justify. If any of you have, or know of someone that would be willing to transport stuff (running costs would be met by us of course), then please come and talk to me!!

Do you have a specific skill that we could cover/run a programme one evening?

  • PE teachers to help run a fun keep fit night?
  • Woodworkers to help scouts make something?
  • Birdwatchers to help to take the kids out bird spotting?
  • Nature Lover to help the kids forage or go wildlife spotting?

The list could go on, the point is that you may think you have nothing to offer, but actually you do, just have a chat to your Section leader or me.

Now, enough of my ramblings, I will let you get on with the rest of your day/evening. I hope to see you down at St Thomas’ one evening.

Sharon – GSL