Spitewinter Scout Camp

Weekend Scout Camp – July 2016

Twelve of our Scouts (and three young leaders) took part in a weekend camp (Friday – Sunday) at the Spitewinter campsite this weekend. The rain held off on Friday night as they setup camp, but it was wet, windy and a bit chilly later on, though this didn’t prevent the wide game or dampen spirits.

Saturday morning was sunny and bright as the two patrols (and young leaders) cooked their breakfasts. Scouts were then divided into two groups and learned how to use hand axes safely, and how to build a shelter (which they needed as we had showers from mid-day onwards). The young leaders then got the main camp fire going. After lunch Scouts attempted both fire lighting (in the rain) and backwoods cooking (baked potatoes, steamed haddock, and a fried egg cooked in a frying pan made from a stick and some tin foil). The day was finished off with no-chicken korma, rice and hot dogs, and entertainment around the camp fire which had been stoked all day by the young leaders!

To our great relief, we had sunshine all day Sunday which allowed us all to dry out and pack all the tents away dry. Just before leaving camp, a number of the youngest Scouts were invested.

All of the leaders/helpers were impressed by the positive attitude and perseverance of all our Scouts (many of which have only just moved up from Cubs) over the weekend, despite the trying weather. Our more experienced Scouts handled the responsibility of looking after the younger ones with ease and the three young leaders proved themselves to be a real asset to the group, throughout the camp.

A big thank you to all the leaders, young leaders and parent helpers for giving up their weekend, and for all the support received from parents who helped to transport kit to and from the campsite.