Scouting Skills

The following links and resources cover some of the core Scouting skills which will be experienced in the Scout section (and many Cubs will experience them in the Cub section too).

  • Knots – See here for information about the common knots and hitches used in Scouting. For more information about a wide variety of knots, including handy videos showing exactly how to tie them, see Grog’s Scouting Knots website.
  • Lashings – See here for information about common lashings we use in pioneering (and mini pioneering) to connect poles together in different ways.
  • Tents – SeeĀ here for information about different types of tents, their features and how to pitch and strike a patrol tent.
  • Maps & Navigation – See here for information about map features, contours, grid references, and using a compass.
  • Axe & Saw – See here for information about using and handling a hand or felling axe, a bow saw, and a pocket knife.
  • Fire Lighting – See here for information about fire lighting and the different types of fire that can be built.


For more Scouting information, please see the resources section of the website.