Behaviour & Attendance

In order to ensure that the 3rd Brampton (St Thomas’) Scout Group can provide both a safe and enjoyable environment within all sections, we operate both Behaviour and Attendance policies. Unacceptable behaviour exhibited by any Beaver/Cub/Scout or parent/guardian will not be tolerated, and if warranted these members will no longer be welcome in the Group. All leaders, assistant leaders, young leaders, and volunteer helpers give up a great deal of their own time in order to operate the different sections, and it is a simple fact that without their dedication no aspect of the Group would function. Please bear this in mind at all times.


Behaviour Policy

All Beavers/Cubs/Scouts are expected to be polite, considerate and respectful to others, to take turns, share, play fairly, be quiet when others are speaking, and take care of the equipment. Fighting, kicking, shouting, teasing, bad language, hitting and pushing are not acceptable, and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

Minor incidents will be dealt with by a telling off and/or sitting out of a game or activity for a short period. The 3rd Brampton (St Thomas’s) Scout Group has, though only rarely uses, a red and yellow card system to deal with particularly bad behaviour. If a Beaver/Cub/Scout causes significant physical or emotional harm to another Beaver/Cub/Scout through, for example, a violent act, bullying or prolonged teasing, then they will receive a card. Yellow cards will be presented for episodes of worse than ‘normal’ bad behaviour. Red cards will be presented for more serious episodes and for 2 yellows in an evening.

If a Beaver/Cub/Scout receives a red card, they will be asked not to attend the following week’s Cub/Scout meeting. If a Beaver/Cub/Scout receives 2 red cards in a term, they will be told to leave the Group.

Parents/guardians will be informed of all yellow and red card incidents. The support and cooperation of all parents/guardians in reinforcing these rules will ensure that our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts enjoy and benefit from all aspects of Scouting provided by the Group.


Attendance Policy

Beavers/Cubs/Scouts who do not attend regularly lose out by not having the opportunity to complete their badge work, their attendance patterns have a detrimental effect on the rest of their Lodge/Six/Patrol and this can also create problems for the leaders in organisation of activities. Non attendees area also directly depriving another child of a place within the Group.

Any Beaver/Cub/Scout who misses three consecutive weeks without valid reason (principally illness) or without notifying a leader, will immediately forfeit their place in the Group. Further, any Beaver/Cub/Scout who misses six or more weeks in the term (half of the term), again without a valid reason, will be told to leave the Group at the end of the term.