Beaver Activities 2018

Construction – May 2018

As part of the second half of the Builder Badge, Beavers followed their plans to create puppets, gardens and a castle.


Construction – April 2018

This Friday the Beavers made igloos and tunnels as a practice for their Builder Activity Badge.


Rock Painting – January 2018

Both the Cub and Beaver sections took part in a rock painting night with UK Rocks. Part of the ‘Be Kind initiative‘ intended to make people smile. The idea is that decorated rocks are hidden in local parks for people to find, pictures of found rocks are shared on their Facebook page. Everyone had a great time and a donation was given to the local Monkey Park.


Gardening – January 2018

The Beavers learnt about caring for plants as part of their Gardening Badge.  They also created planters to bring more colour to the church grounds.