Morrisons Bag Pack

The Scouts have recently had two Morrisons bag pack fundraising events, held at our local Morrisons store, just off Chatsworth Road.  We are very grateful to all the staff at Morrisons (particularly supervisors and till operators) who made our Scouts feel very welcome and at ease during their time in-store.  We would also like to thank all of the customers who supported our Group through their donations – many of which gave despite not having their bag packed!  It was also great to see customers (and staff) taking a real interest in what our Scouts do, by asking them about past and future activities.  We are very lucky to have such a supportive local community!

As well as raising funds for the Group, the activity also develops the confidence of our Scouts (many of whom are still in primary School) by getting them to interact with, and help out people they do not already know, as well as giving them an appreciation of the value of the donations provided.


Friday Night – 27th April 2018

Hope all the Scouts enjoyed the Morrison bag pack on Friday night – you raised £182.  Leaders and Morrisons staff all thought you did a great job, not only packing bags, but also with other jobs that needed doing in the store.  That was the practice run…


All Day Saturday – 7th June 2018

A huge thank you to the leaders, Scouts and parents involved in today’s Morrison’s bag pack.  We maned a number of tills throughout the day and raised an amazing £381.16 (plus a Euro, Australian and Canadian coin).  A special mention goes to our assistant Scout leader Ant who was there from the start at 8.45 am to the end at 4.30pm, and Julia who organised us all – thank you so much for all your efforts!